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Whether you need a routine oil change or a more extensive repair, you can trust our experts to find and fix your problem quickly.


Preventive maintenance is an important part of vehicle ownership and may help prevent more costly repairs in the future. Bring your car in to us and let us make sure it's safe to drive.

Fast, affordable repairs

Bring your car in for repairs

Get a 1 year / 12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor! Contact us today for repairs:


At SRG Automotive Repair, we use the latest in high-tech diagnostic equipment to make sure that your car is serviced correctly.


If you notice a lit indicator on your dashboard, don't ignore it! It may signal a bigger problem. Bring your car in to us and let us run a diagnosis and make repairs if necessary.

Diagnostic services

Get a professional diagnosis

When it's time for your yearly inspection, bring your vehicle in to us for your yearly inspection and emission test, we can have you in and out fast!  


If your car fails emission testing, don't worry! We can make any repairs you need to get it up to code in the allotted time by the state.

Get your inspection done here!

Learn about inspection services

Trust the experts at SRG Automotive Repair to take care of all your auto repair and emission inspection needs in the East Brunswick, NJ area.


Get all your auto maintenance and repairs done by visiting one shop! The professionals at SRG Automotive Repair have everything you need to care for your car.

Fast, affordable repairs Diagnostic services Get your inspection done here!
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