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Keep yourself safe on the road

If you feel a difference in your car's handling when you drift or grind, bring your car in for a checkup. Our skilled team is here to help you!


Our professional technicians are skilled in repairing all aspects of your shocks and struts, and replacing any worn out parts to keep your car's safety systems functioning as they should.

Call us for repairs for all shocks and struts! Get a 1 year / 12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor!


Repair for shocks and struts

Nothing is more important than your safety when you're on the road. Ensure that your shocks, and struts are in great condition by bringing your car to SRG Automotive Repair. You can enjoy a smooth ride and avoid accidents caused by faulty shocks.

Repair services include:

  • Shock replacement

  • Rotor replacement

  • Hose replacement

  • Caliper replacement

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